Adding multiple titles/movies to 1 DVD using Nero Recode 2

Software you will need:

  1. Nero Recode 2

Title: Purchase Nero Recode
Link: Download

Description: Purchase Nero Recode as part of the Nero 7 package

Title: NeroDigital_RC-
Link: Download
Size: 14.95 MB

Description: Download the freeware version of Nero Recode

Possible uses for this guide:
  1. Adding 2 or more DVD's to 1 DVD-R or DVD+R
  2. Joining a double sided DVD (meaning you have to take the disc out and flip it over to watch the rest) to a single sided DVD-R or DVD+R
  3. Taking 2 different movies & creating 1 DVD out of them

Assuming you have already ripped the DVD's to your hard drive in "File" mode, you would then follow this guide to add multiple movies to just one DVD.

I am using "Saw 1" and "Saw 2" DVD's for this guide. These are not the original DVD's though, they are main movie only backups which usually have no compression used on the main movie. That is what I recommend you doing instead of taking 2 main movie titles from "Full Disc" backups.

Go ahead and start up Nero Recode 2 and click "Remake a DVD" (red). (Screen Shot Below)

Now on this screen, click the "Import Titles" button (blue). After clicking the "Import Titles" button, the "Import Title" screen will pop up (green). Here is where you need to find the first folder (DVD) you wish to add. For this guide it was "Saw 1". Go ahead and double click the folder you want, it was "Saw 1" folder for me. Nero Recode might do a quick analysis of the movie to see if it needs any compression etc. After it gets done, click the "Main Title" (yellow) and then click the "Add Title" button at the bottom (purple) (Screen Shot Below)

Now repeat the same procedure you did above for every title/movie you wish to add to the final DVD. For me it was "Saw 2" (red). When you get finished adding each title you want, click the "Close" button at the bottom (blue). (Screen Shot Below)

For heavy compression reasons, make sure you take the check mark out of the box for each audio stream you don't want (green) and also do the same for Subtitles (purple). ( I only keep 1 audio stream to begin with so thats why there is only 1 audio stream to begin with. I highly recommend keeping just 1 audio stream and 1 subtitle so that you aren't using heavy compression.) (Screen Shot Below)

For compression reasons and playback reasons, I also suggest you use the "Start/End" button (red) to edit out unnecessary video frames (blackness, credits, cast, etc.). Go ahead and click the "Start/End" button, then this screen will pop up. Use the "Fast Forward" (yellow) and "Rewind" (blue) buttons to set which frame is the starting frame (green) and which frame is the ending frame (purple). I recommend you cut out the intro and the credits so that you will use less compression and have better playback quality. You will need to do this for each title in the compilation! Click the OK button (black) at the bottom when you are finished then click the "Next" button (light blue). (Screen Shot Below)

After clicking the "Next" button, you will be presented with this screen. Here you would need to select how you want Nero Recode 2 to output the files. You can pick either "Hard Disk Folder" where Recode would create full DVD structure including .bup, .ifo, and .vob files (red). You also can pick a DVD burner of your choice where Recode would go ahead and burn it for you after it encodes (blue). I highly recommend putting a check mark in both boxes at the bottom, as more than likely you are using heavy compression (green). (Screen Shot Below)

DONE! Enjoy your multi title/movie DVD!

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Download Acer Aspire 4720 Notebooks Driver for Windows XP

Driver File Name : AHCI
Driver File Size : 19.8 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : CIR
Driver File Size : 3 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : WLAN-INTEL
Driver File Size : 6 Mb
Driver Version : 2.0.01

Driver File Name : Launch Manager
Driver File Size : 3 Mb
Driver Version : 2.0.01

Driver File Name : Modem
Driver File Size : 3 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : Touchpad
Driver File Size : 6 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : CardR
Driver File Size : 2.6 Mb
Driver Version : 351

Driver File Name : Bison AP
Driver File Size : 7 Mb
Driver Version : 7.96.701.09c

Driver File Name : Suyin AP
Driver File Size : 8 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : Audio
Driver File Size : 36.8 Mb
Driver Version : 5423

Driver File Name : LAN
Driver File Size : 9 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : WLAN Broadcom
Driver File Size : 3 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : WLAN Atheros
Driver File Size : 3 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : nVidia
Driver File Size : 67 Mb
Driver Version : 101.45

Driver File Name : VGA INTEL
Driver File Size : 16 Mb
Driver Version :

Driver File Name : Chipset
Driver File Size : 2 Mb
Driver Version :


How To Install Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1525 or Downgrading Vista to XP

Follow this simple Installation step to downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP.

a. You have to prepare SATA Driver on your USB Disk. You may get the Dell Inspiron 1525 SATA HERE

b. You have to prepare Dell Inspiron 1525 Wireless Card Driver as well known as Broadcom BCM 4311.

c. For Dell Inspiron 1525 Webcam you have to get Creative Labs Webcam that you may get it in the Windows Update Sites.

d. Get Marvell Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller drivers.

Video Card Driver Intel GM965
Dell Application Software Quickset
Ricoh R5C833 Flash Drive controller Driver
Sound Audio Driver Dell Inspiron 1525 SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD
Download Intel Chipset
Dell Inspiron 1525 Modem Conexant D330,HDA,MDC,v.92,

Notes: After installing windows XP, you have to prepare windows Downgrade XP patch for Dell Inspiron 1525 before installing Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module and finish Dell Inspiron 1525 driver for Windows XP Installation. Enjoy Xp on your Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebooks.


CD XP Driver for Compaq Presario C738TU, F762AU

Dapat CD XP Driver for Compaq Presario C738TU, F762AU dalam bentuk CD. Hanya RM15.00 sekeping. Tak perlu susah-susah nak cari atau download dari internet. Apa tunggu lagi. Pesanlah sekarang. Bayaran pos percuma untuk Sabah. Untuk Sarawak dan semenanjung, bayaran pos sebanyak RM3.00 dikenakan.

Macamana nak order dan pembayaran? Sila klik di sini.


CD XP Driver for Compaq Presario V3628TU / V3658TU

Dapat Driver XP Compaq Presario V3628TU / V3658TU dalam bentuk CD.
Hanya RM15.00 sekeping. Tak perlu susah-susah nak cari atau download dari internet. Apa tunggu lagi. Pesanlah sekarang. Bayaran pos percuma untuk Sabah. Untuk Sarawak dan semenanjung, bayaran pos sebanyak RM3.00 dikenakan.

Macamana nak order dan pembayaran? Sila klik di sini.


Acer Aspire 5040 XP driver


How to Convert FAT to NTFS file system

To convert a FAT partition to NTFS, perform the following steps.

Click Start, click Programs, and then click Command Prompt.

In Windows XP, click Start, click Run, type cmd and then click OK.

At the command prompt, type CONVERT [driveletter]: /FS:NTFS.

Convert.exe will attempt to convert the partition to NTFS.

NOTE: Although the chance of corruption or data loss during the conversion from FAT to NTFS is minimal, it is best to perform a full backup of the data on the drive that it is to be converted prior to executing the convert command. It is also recommended to verify the integrity of the backup before proceeding, as well as to run RDISK and update the emergency repair disk (ERD).



To NTFS or not to NTFS—that is the question. But unlike the deeper questions of life, this one isn't really all that hard to answer. For most users running Windows XP, NTFS is the obvious choice. It's more powerful and offers security advantages not found in the other file systems. But let's go over the differences among the files systems so we're all clear about the choice. There are essentially three different file systems available in Windows XP: FAT16, short for File Allocation Table, FAT32, and NTFS, short for NT File System.

The FAT16 file system was introduced way back with MS–DOS in 1981, and it's showing its age. It was designed originally to handle files on a floppy drive, and has had minor modifications over the years so it can handle hard disks, and even file names longer than the original limitation of 8.3 characters, but it's still the lowest common denominator. The biggest advantage of FAT16 is that it is compatible across a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows 95/98/Me, OS/2, Linux, and some versions of UNIX. The biggest problem of FAT16 is that it has a fixed maximum number of clusters per partition, so as hard disks get bigger and bigger, the size of each cluster has to get larger. In a 2–GB partition, each cluster is 32 kilobytes, meaning that even the smallest file on the partition will take up 32 KB of space. FAT16 also doesn't support compression, encryption, or advanced security using access control lists.

The FAT32 file system, originally introduced in Windows 95 Service Pack 2, is really just an extension of the original FAT16 file system that provides for a much larger number of clusters per partition. As such, it greatly improves the overall disk utilization when compared to a FAT16 file system. However, FAT32 shares all of the other limitations of FAT16, and adds an important additional limitation—many operating systems that can recognize FAT16 will not work with FAT32—most notably Windows NT, but also Linux and UNIX as well. Now this isn't a problem if you're running FAT32 on a Windows XP computer and sharing your drive out to other computers on your network—they don't need to know (and generally don't really care) what your underlying file system is.

The Advantages of NTFS
The NTFS file system, introduced with first version of Windows NT, is a completely different file system from FAT. It provides for greatly increased security, file–by–file compression, quotas, and even encryption. It is the default file system for new installations of Windows XP, and if you're doing an upgrade from a previous version of Windows, you'll be asked if you want to convert your existing file systems to NTFS. Don't worry. If you've already upgraded to Windows XP and didn't do the conversion then, it's not a problem. You can convert FAT16 or FAT32 volumes to NTFS at any point. Just remember that you can't easily go back to FAT or FAT32 (without reformatting the drive or partition), not that I think you'll want to.

The NTFS file system is generally not compatible with other operating systems installed on the same computer, nor is it available when you've booted a computer from a floppy disk. For this reason, many system administrators, myself included, used to recommend that users format at least a small partition at the beginning of their main hard disk as FAT. This partition provided a place to store emergency recovery tools or special drivers needed for reinstallation, and was a mechanism for digging yourself out of the hole you'd just dug into. But with the enhanced recovery abilities built into Windows XP (more on that in a future column), I don't think it's necessary or desirable to create that initial FAT partition.

When to Use FAT or FAT32
If you're running more than one operating system on a single computer (see Dual booting in Guides), you will definitely need to format some of your volumes as FAT. Any programs or data that need to be accessed by more than one operating system on that computer should be stored on a FAT16 or possibly FAT32 volume. But keep in mind that you have no security for data on a FAT16 or FAT32 volume—any one with access to the computer can read, change, or even delete any file that is stored on a FAT16 or FAT32 partition. In many cases, this is even possible over a network. So do not store sensitive files on drives or partitions formatted with FAT file systems.


Speed up your browsing of Windows 2000 & XP machines

Here's a great tip to speed up your browsing of Windows XP machines. Its actually a fix to a bug installed as default in Windows 2000 that scans shared files for Scheduled Tasks. And it turns out that you can experience a delay as long as 30 seconds when you try to view shared files across a network because Windows 2000 is using the extra time to search the remote computer for any Scheduled Tasks. Note that though the fix is originally intended for only those affected, Windows 2000 users will experience that the actual browsing speed of both the Internet & Windows Explorers improve significantly after applying it since it doesn't search for Scheduled Tasks anymore.
Here's how :Open up the Registry and go to :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace

Under that branch, select the key :


and delete it.

This is key that instructs Windows to search for Scheduled Tasks. If you like you may want to export the exact branch so that you can restore the key if necessary.

This fix is so effective that it doesn't require a reboot and you can almost immediately determine yourself how much it speeds up your browsing processes.


For a Safer, faster XP Close Unwanted Services

To disable unneeded startup services for a safer, faster XP, use the "Services" Admin Tool (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services). If you are a single user of a non-networked machine, you can disable the following items, with no ill effect.
  • Alerter
  • Clipbook
  • Computer Browser
  • Fast User Switching
  • Human Interface Access Devices
  • Indexing Service (Slows the hard drive down)
  • Messenger
  • Net Logon (unnecessary unless networked on a Domain)
  • Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing (disabled for extra security)
  • Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (disabled for extra security)
  • Remote Procedure Call Locator
  • Remote Registry (disabled for extra security)
  • Routing & Remote Access (disabled for extra security)
  • Server SSDP Discovery Service (this is for the utterly pointless "Universal P'n'P", & leaves TCP Port 5000 wide open)
  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Telnet (disabled for extra security)
  • Universal Plug and Play Device Host
  • Upload Manager
  • Windows Time Wireless Zero Configuration (for wireless networks)
  • Workstation


Make your Folders Private

•Open My Computer
•Double-click the drive where Windows is installed (usually drive (C:), unless you have more than one drive on your computer).
•If the contents of the drive are hidden, under System Tasks, click Show the contents of this drive.
•Double-click the Documents and Settings folder.
•Double-click your user folder.
•Right-click any folder in your user profile, and then click Properties.
•On the Sharing tab, select the Make this folder private so that only I have access to it check box.

Note :
•To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.
•This option is only available for folders included in your user profile. Folders in your user profile include My Documents and its subfolders, Desktop, Start Menu, Cookies, and Favorites. If you do not make these folders private, they are available to everyone who uses your computer.
•When you make a folder private, all of its subfolders are private as well. For example, when you make My Documents private, you also make My Music and My Pictures private. When you share a folder, you also share all of its subfolders unless you make them private.
•You cannot make your folders private if your drive is not formatted as NTFS For information about converting your drive to NTFS


Presario V3658TU, V3628TU and C738TU use the same driver...


Clone - CS3 effect

Teknik klon ini saya menggunakan cara "cut n paste". Simple saja. Saya letakkan kamera pada tripod dan ambil gambar staf saya pada 4 kedudukan berbeza tanpa mengalihkan kamera tersebut. Kemudian, dengan menggunakan Photoshop CS3, gambar tersebut dicantum menggunakan teknik "cut n paste" serta "colour level - bright n contrast" untuk effect tonner warna dan pencahayaan.


Cannot log in to Windows - The solutions

When you log in to Windows, the computer immediately saves your settings, logs off and returns to the login screen again.This is the result of a corrupt or invalid registry entry, which may have been changed by a virus or spyware. Therefore you are strongly advised to scan your computer for viruses and spyware as soon as possible.


Method 1

Try this method if you can start Windows in safe mode:

  • Boot into safe mode.
  • Click Start, Run and enter regedit
  • Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  • Select the Winlogon folder.
  • If the right-hand pane contains an entry named OldUserinit:
    - delete the entry named Userinit
    - rename OldUserinit to Userinit.
  • Check that the value of Userinit is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe," (the comma at the end of the string is important.) Note: if your Windows folder is not C:\Windows, modify the path accordingly.
Method 2

If you have a Microsoft Windows installation CD:

Method 3

Try taking the hard drive and attaching it to another Windows XP computer as a slave, or by using a USB-to-IDE adapter. Alternatively you can try making a BartPE recovery CD and booting the computer from that. Any method can be used that gives you read/write access to the hard drive.

Often, the registry entry referred to above has been changed from userinit.exe to wsaupdater.exe. Therefore you have a good chance of success if you just copy Windows\System32\userinit.exe to Windows\System32\wsaupdater.exe

Method 4

Gain read/write access to your hard drive from another computer running the same version of Windows.

  • Log in as administrator.
  • Ensure that Windows Explorer folder options have enabled Show hidden files and folders.
  • Click Start, Run and enter regedit
  • Click File, Load Hive, then navigate to Windows\System32\Config on your hard drive (not the host system!)
  • Select system and click Open.
  • For Enter a Key name type anything.
  • Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  • Select the Winlogon folder.
  • If the right-hand pane contains an entry named OldUserinit:
    - delete the entry named Userinit
    - rename OldUserinit to Userinit.
  • Check that the value of Userinit is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe," (the comma at the end of the string is important.) Note: if your Windows folder is not C:\Windows, modify the path accordingly. This is the Windows path when the drive is in use in your computer, not the drive letter it has currently.
  • When you have made the changes click File, Unload Hive.
Applies to
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP

Source :


Aspire 4930, 4925 Windows XP Drivers

Acer has announced that 4930 comes with latest Intel Processor Technology, 14.1-inch CrystalBryte Panel, NVIDIA GeForce graphics, HDMI Interface, Dolby Home Theatre and Wimax Functionally.

This Driver also compatible for Acer Aspire 4925, 4925G, 4930 or 4930G


WLAN Atherors

Camera Bison

WLAN Broadcom

Camera Chicony


WLAN Intel

VGA Intel

Launch Manager Dritek

V6.14.11.7561 Part1
Part 2

Camera Suyin

TouchPad Synaptics

CardReader JMicro


Audio Reltek

LAN Realtek

FingerPrint Authentec



Download XP Drivers for Acer Aspire 5315

This Acer Aspire 5315 features Intel celeron Mobile, 1GB of RAM, 80Gb of hard drive, DVDRW, and 15″ widescreen and bundle with Microsoft Windows Vista Home basic, but if you need some XP drivers for Aspire 5315, may this drivers can help:

(Bison) Acer Crystal Eye webcam Application V2.0.0.8

(Bison) Acer Crystal Eye webcam V7.96.701.07a

(Suyin) Acer CrystalEye webcam Driver v5.7.28.500-1.0

(Suyin)Acer Crystal Eye webcam Application V1.0.10

Acer Preload Security Patch for Windows XP

Ambit Modem Driver v7.62.0.0_2C06

ATI VGA Driver v8.371.1.1

BCM5787 LAN Driver v10.26.0.0

Bison Webcam App Ver.

Broadcom LAN Driver Ver.

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver Ver.

Flash BIOS v1.19

Intel AHCI Driver v7.5.0.1017

Intel Chipset Driver v8.3.0.1013

Intel VGA Driver v6.14.10.4847

Intel Wireless Driver v11.1.1.11

Launch Manager v2.0.05

Realtek Audio Driver v6.0.1.5413_R167

Synaptics TouchPad Driver v9.1.11.0


Printer service... and reset tools for Canon Pixma iP1880

Semalam ada 2/3 bijik perinter nak kena servis dan baiki. Printer Canon dan HP. Yang HP masalah catridge jer. Pastu cuci waste ink pad dia. Tukar catridge baru, ok dah. Printer Canon IP1000 ni tuan dia kata terjatuh. Bila diperiksa, ada satu pin dekat dia punya soket untuk catridge printer head tu patah. Terpaksalah aku cari idea camana nak buat supaya dia bleh pakai. Modify pakai plastik terbuang dan lekatkan pakai gam superglue. Ok dah. Bolah tahan sampai 10 tahun ( kalau tak guna la ...wakakaka )

Ada satu lagi printer Canon IP1880 nih. Nak kena reset la nih. Cara dia dibawah nih.

Waste Ink Counter Reset Manual for Service mode
1. Turn On iP1880
2. Push and Hold Resume button about 2 minutes

3. Release Resume button
4. Printer back to normal again

Download iP1880 reset Tools Software here.


Reset Ink Tank Full Error for Canon IP1700

Canon PIXMA iP1700 Photo Inkjet Printer

The Canon PIXMA iP1700 Photo Inkjet Printer is an extremely user-friendly, efficient printer designed to meet all your printing needs in one compact, stylish unit. Need a hardcopy of directions to a friend's house? How about printing out photos taken over the weekend? Whatever your needs, the single function iP1700 gives you more choices, extra features and a better value. In addition, this printer features a unique cutting edge design that is very much in line with today's tastes and styles. No other entry level printer performs as quickly and efficiently while looking so good on your desktop.

The Pixma iP1700 held its own. It printed our ten-page text file at 8.6 pages per minute--slower than the like-priced Lexmark Z845, but faster than many more-expensive models. High-resolution glossy photos printed at a snappy 1.3 ppm.

Procedure to Reset Ink Tank Full Error for Canon IP1700
First Step (Hardware Reset)

1. Turn Off the printer, and then take off the cable power.

2. Push and hold the power button (use your fore finger to hold the power button).

3. Connect again the power cable.

4. Use your middle finger to push the resume button 2 times.

5. Release the power button.

6. Finish. you have finised the first step to reset Ink Tank Full Error (Blink Error).

Second Step (Software Reset by GeneralTool) for Permanent

1. Download IP1700 Resetter from here

2. Unzip in folder C:\

3. Make sure all files attribute have not Read Only.

4. Run GeneralTool.exe

5. At USB Port choose your printer port.

6. Click Lock Release


8. Put in blank paper for printing. And then click Test Pattern 1 button

9. It's All Done. Your Printer IP1700 back normal again.


Installing Windows XP on Compaq Presario C738TU

Presario C738TU is a Dual Core based laptop from HP-Compaq. It is a good machine with an Intel Dual core Processor with 1.6GHz, 512 MB DDR2 RAM, 120GB SATA Hard Drive, a SuperMulti DVD burner with Dual Layer, 15.4" Widescreen display, Wi-Fi, LAN, Integrated Webcam and Microphone and the Operating System used is DOS. You need to install an operating system to work on this machine. We have given the list of all drivers required for the same laptop for Windows XP. You can either click on the given links or copy and paste them to a new browser to download the drivers in to your system. It is always good to have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed in the system. This will help you to avoid many incompatibility errors.

Here are the basic drivers:
Chipset Driver:
Before installing the Audio and modem drivers in your Notebook you have to install the microsoft update(UAA) driver from the given link:
UAA driver:
After installing the UAA driver restart the Notebook and then download and install the audio and modem drivers from the following links:
Audio Driver:
or try the alternate drivers given below
Download and install the driver, you will get the error while installing.
Perform the below steps to fix the issue.
1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2. Right click on "Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click Update driver.
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location".
4. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install".
5. Click Next and then select "Sound, video and game controller" from the list.
6. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
7. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp34200 folder and select the .inf (wisxxxx) file and click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.
Here is the link to download the Modem Driver:
Download and install the driver, you will get the error while installing.
Perform the below steps to fix the issue.
1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2.Right click on "Modem device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click Update driver.
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location".
4. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install".
5. Click Next and then select "Modem" from the list.
6. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
7. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp33890 folder and select the .inf (wis30b2b) file and click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.
Video Driver:
Wireless Driver:
LAN Driver(Realtek RTL8100CL LAN Driver):
Synaptic Touchpad Driver:
5 in 1 card reader Driver:
HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver:
Installation Instructions :
1. Download the spXXXXX.EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.
2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Restart the notebook when the installation is complete.
Download these files and save them for back up for future use.

If you have proble while installing the driver, please follow this link :


The easy way to download video from Youtube

What we need is :

Real Player Version 11.0 - to download the video
Total Video Converter - to convert *.flv file to *.avi or *.mpg

1. Install Real player. If u don't hav it, u can click here to download it.
2. After you have install the realplayer 11, restart ur pc.
3. Open Youtube and open the video that u want to download. Move ur mouse over the video and it will open the real player download button " Download This Video". Click it to download.4. After finish download the movie, u can convert it to *.avi file using Total Video Converter.
5. Click here to download Total Video Converter.
6. I suggest u convert the movie to *.avi first and then convert *.avi to *.mpg
7. How to use Total Video Converter? Watch the video below...

Total Video Converter Registration Code

How to use Total video converter


Instructions To Install & Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Download it from here and save it to your desktop. If you're using IE7 you may get prompted to allow the download, please do so.
  • Double-click mbam-setup.exe icon: Image and when the download dialog box appears, please tick the 'Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware when download completes' as displayed:Image
  • Select your language when this option is displayed.
  • Follow default installation instructions
  • Decide if you would like a 'Start Menu' folder created when this option is displayed
  • Choose your options of preference on the 'Select Additional Tasks' screen
  • Review your choices at the 'Ready To Install' screen
  • At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to 'Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware' and 'Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware' as displayed here:Image
  • Then click the Image button
  • Please read the information box when it appears and click the Image button
  • Please allow access via your firewall if an alert is presented to you
  • If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
  • Once the program has loaded, select 'Perform full scan' as displayed here: Image
  • Then click button Image
  • When the scan is complete, you will be presented with a message as such, click the Image button then click the Image button
  • Be sure that each item has its box ticked as displayed here: Image and click Image.
  • When completed, a log will open in Notepad. Please save it to your desktop for easy access. Copy the contents of the file and paste it back into your thread for review. The log is also default saved to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs\log-date.txt
Sumber :


Lagi antivirus palsu - XP AntiSpyware /XP AntiVirus Scam

Last week there was a comment spam on various blogs, the comment contains a link which redirects the user to a fake/scare scan page of the infamous XP AntiSpyware /XP AntiVirus

rogue security applications.

The WinSoftware, Inc aka LocusSoftware Inc aka Innovative Marketing is behind this scam. They are using many sites to redirect the users to their fake/scare scan pages.

Screenshot of fake/scare scan pages Screenshot of fake/scare scan pages

Screenshot of XPAntivirus Application

The gang is quick in changing their active scam site, over a period of 15 days they have created many sites and here is the list of sites

9. ==> Fake clean-up software.

I am sure that the list will keep growing. Below are the set of sites that are also involved in the scams.

The site works as a repository for the rogue installers while the site is used for payment processing.

The scammers also avails a user to sign up for an upgrade to “File Shredder, which is again a crapware they are exploiting Lavasoft’s application name “File Shredder”.

Screenshot of site

There is another site which is silent for more that 15 days without any links to installer files. This site also belongs to the same scammer gang.
Screenshot of site
Stay away from these sites.

Copy from :


Adventure In Borneo Blog Project...

Projek baru Warisan2u.Com ialah membina satu blog untuk Adventure In Borneo iaitu salah sebuah sebuah Travel Agent yang aktif di Sabah yang dikendalikan oleh En. Yamin Ali. Blog ini memaparkan kegiatan yang dijalankan oleh En. Yamin dan syarikatnya berkaitan dengan pelancongan.

Blog tersebut beralamat di Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk pergi melancong, bolehlah menghubungi En. Yamin dengan melayari webblognya untuk keterangan lanjut.


Mobile Stuff - Islamic Applications Free Software from

Azan Times 2.5 864 Kb Java (J2ME) Azan Times for worldwide Prayers for Mobile Phone (Cell Phones, Windows Mobile, Pocket Pc, Symbian OS) is used to listen Azan (Athan, Adhan, Azaan) automatically on every prayer time (Namaz, Salat) five times a day on the mobile phone. Detail
Prayer Times 2.00 285.49 Kb Java (J2ME) Palm The basics version of prayer times for mobile phone and palm.
Zakat Calculator 1.0 89.41 Kb Java (J2ME) Palm Description:Read, understand and calculate your Zakat with this Free Zakat Calculator. Contains a full authentic guide on Zakat based on the Quran (koran) and Sunnah, with full details.
Al-Moazen 173 KB Java (J2ME) Reminder With Azan5 Times A Day, Only Adjust it To Your City & Calculation Method ( not the full version).
Arba’in 9 Kb Java (J2ME) 40 hadith by Imam Nawawi
Hadith40.jar 24.49 Kb Java (J2ME) this software contains the translation of hadiths from the book of the Islamic scholar Yahia bin Sharaful-Deen An-Nawawi and now known as “An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths”. in Bahasa Indonesia, also available in English
Qibla Compass Basic 108.11 Kb Java (J2ME), Palm, Pocket PC Get accurate Qibla direction with this MobiQibla/Qibla Compass (for Islam/Muslims) for your local city This basic version has 576 cities in 143 countries. for Java-enabled phones, Pocket PCs, Blackberry devices and Symbian devices. Supports MIDP 2.0 java-enabled phones.
DuaQuran 54.28 Kb Java (J2ME) Selected du`a (supplications) from Al Quran in arabic text, english translation and indonesian translation (bahasa indonesia). Available for MIDP 2.0 and MIDP 1.0
DuaEn 21.15 Kb / 22.79 Kb Java (J2ME) This application consists of supplications/duas for everyday of a moslem’s life i.e dua when before/after eating, visiting the sick, entering/leaving mosque, etc. Available in two languages English and Indonesian.
Quran juz30 28.39 Kb / 31.26 Kb Java (J2ME) Islamic Java Application The Translation of Quran Juz 30 in Bahasa Indonesia(Indonesian). Source: Departemen Agama RI. Send a feedback for the future development to
Halal Guide 73.55 Kb Java (J2ME), Palm This is a unique Islamic software gives details of whether an ingredient is halal/haram/or both with information about its origins and how and where it`s commonly used.

You can now Alhamdulillah take the guess work out of it all! Simply carry this free software on your mobiles and do quick lookups with a unique display by either browsing through or simply performing a search for a specific food/ingredient/enumber.

For Java-enabled phones, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, Blackberry devices and Symbian OS, you can download here.


Latest Free Software from

Shollu 3.08 966 KB Islamic Prayer reminder for almost all the cities in the world, with many features such as : scheduler maker, additional message, customize azan sound, 40 nice skins, Qibla direction, custom message, Hijri-Gregorian converter, Automatic shutdown, hibernate at specific time, etc.
Terjemah Al-Qur’an 1.5 271 KB Small Indonesian translation of the Quran, features : single exe, very fast searching word.
Kamus 2.03 2.72 MB The latest version, an English-Indonesian Dictionary and vice versa. Features : More that 41.000 English-Indonesian word, 35.000 Indonesian-English word and more than 64.000 phrase; 20 nice skins, Clipboard monitoring; Automatic translations, Compact mode etc.
Restore my files 1.0 RC 2 32 KB Small tools (applications) to restore ms word, excel or power point (97-2003) that infected by virus. Fast detection and restoring your documents. Download the source code here
Arabic Pad 1.03 44 KB Easily write or edit Arabic text without install Office or Windows Arabic. JAWI supported
Hidden File Tool 1.0 26 KB Small tools for fast searching hidden-system-archive-read only. Plus easy change the file/folder attributes. Useful when your files/folders was hidden by virus, trojan etc

Update Program

Update Shollu to 3.08 202 KB Contain file shollu3.exe, dua.mp3 and registry patch. Update from version 3.07.
Shollu 3.07.2 exe only 115 KB File Shollu3.exe v3.07.2 ( Update v 3.07, caused by bugs di win2000 ). Now this version is not available for download. Use the newer version.
Update kamus to 2.03 302 KB Kamus2.exe and help only, update to version 2.03

Other Islamic stuff ( from other sources )

Font MCS Aljalalah 41 KB Arabic fonts the name of Allah
Font MCS Basmallah 91 KB Arabic fonts “Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim”
Font Islamics Art 1 44 KB Islamics Art Font 1 ( kaligrafi, simbol, dll )
Font MCS Mix 53 KB Font Arab berisi campuran kaligrafi ( Calligraphy ), simbol dll
Kamus Al Mufid 1.0 851 KB Indonesiaa-Arabic dan Arabic-Indonesian Dictionary ( ). Very good dictionary with many words.
Flash Prayer Times 12.5 1.90 MB Source Code, Algorithm and Prayer times applications in Flash
Qur’an Arabic Unicode 1.33 MB Quran text in Unicode, English translation and transliteration also included
Quran in Word 1.3 1.07 MB Plug Ins AlQuran for Ms-Word. This program will add new menu “Al-Quran” on your microsoft word application. You can insert ayah of quran or translation to your word document with easy. Another language translation here

Others useful program/tutorial

Windows Registry Guides 1.1 MB Registry tips, tricks & tweaks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows (9x/NT/2000/Xp)
Hexapad 1.2 180 KB Very Small Hex Editor ( only 82 KB) with many features + source code. Updated version 1.2 ( 20 September 2007 )
htm2chm 684 KB htm2chm is a useful program that allows you to convert html pages with graphics as well as whole sites (for example, retrieved by offline browsers) into a single CHM file.
Efek Bayangan 113 KB Photoshop tutorial (in PDF format) how to create text shadow easily with Masking technique

Old version (Archive only)

Shollu 3.06 921 KB Islamic Prayer Reminder version 3.06
Shollu 3.05 923 KB Islamic Prayer Reminder version 3.05
Shollu 2.15 784 KB The last Prayer Reminder version 2
Shollu Placenames

Geographic names and location for “Shollu” prayer reminder. Contain names, Latitudes and Altitudes information.

Indonesia 1.00 MB Indonesia ( ~ 150.000 places )
United States 369 KB United States ( ~33.000 places )
Malaysia 438 KB Malaysia ( ~62.000 places )
Singapore 18 KB Singapore ( ~1.600 places )
Japan 343 KB Japan( ~51.000 places )
Hongkong 20 KB Hongkong ( ~2.900 places )
Egypt 357 KB Egypt ( ~42.700 places )
United Arab Emirates 20 KB United Arab Emirates ( ~4000 places )

Adzan sound
Adzan file that included with Shollu prayer reminder only have 8 kbps bit rate. Below is Adzan sound with good/high quality (32 kbps up to 128 kbps)

Adzan Fajr 2.85 MB This is high quality ( 128 kbps) adzan at fajr
Adzan Egypt 868 KB Good quality Egypt adzan
Adzan Mecca 1.35 MB Good quality ( 56 kbps) adzan from Mecca
Adzan Al-Aqsa 1 1.39 MB Adzan from Al-Aqsa (64 kbps)
Adzan Al-Aqsa 2 1.71 MB Another Adzan from Al-Aqsa (64kbps)
Adzan Turkey 1.58 MB Hear adzan from Turkey (56 kbps)
Adzan Madinah 667 KB Adzan from Madinah (32 kbps)
Adzan 1 755 KB Another Adzan file 1 ( 32 kbps)
Adzan 2 887 KB Another Adzan file 2 ( 32 kbps)
Adzan 3 708 KB Another Adzan file 3 ( 32 kbps)
Adzan 4 715 KB Another Adzan file 4 ( 32 kbps)

Free ebooks

Al-Qur’anul Kariim v1.1 3.30 MB html help (chm) version of Al-Qur’an and the Indonesian translation
Al-Arbain an-Nawawiyah 182 KB html help (chm) version of popular hadith Al-Arba’in an-Nawawiyah with syarah by Ibnu Daqiqil ‘Ied
Hisnul Muslim 1.03 2.20 MB The popular book of authentic supplications, “Hisnul-Muslim” (Fortification of the Muslim through Remembrance and Supplication from the Qur.aan and Sunnah]) compiled by the Shaykh, Sa’eed Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaanee, and adapted into the English Language by Abu Safwan Farid Abdulwahid Haibatan
Fatwabase 4.99 1.26 MB The latest version containing all the fataawa published on Fatwa-Online in one handy searchable ebook
Hisnul Muslim (pdf) 508 KB PDF version of Hisnul Muslim with Indonesian translation
Hisnul Muslim (doc) 491 KB Word version (*.doc) of Hisnul Muslim with Indonesian translation
Al-Arbain an-Nawawiyah 307 KB Another PDF version of Al-Arbain An-Nawawiyah with Indonesian translation


Hati-hati dengan antivirus palsu

Kebanyakkan antivirus ini adalah tergolong dalam golongan Malware ( Malicious Software ) iaitu program komputer yang diciptakan dengan maksud dan tujuan utama mencari kelemahan software. Umumnya Malware diciptakan untuk membobol atau merusak suatu software atau operating sistem. Contoh dari malware adalah Virus, Worm, Wabbit, Keylogger, Browser Hijacker, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Backdoor, Dialer, Exploit dan rootkit .

Biasanya antivirus palsu ini akan mengimbas komputer anda dan mengatakan komputer anda telah diserang dengan palbagai virus. Untuk mencuci virus tersebut, anda mestilah membeli software tersebut dengan membuat pembayaran melalui internet.

Dibawah ini disenaraikan beberapa antivirus palsu @ malware.

Windows Antivirus

Aplikasi yang sejenis dengan ini adalah Windows Antivirus 2008, info.
Alamat website Windows-av. com

Micro Antivirus 2009

Aplikasi yang sejenis dengan ini adalah MS Antivirus, info
Alamat website Microantivirus2009. com

Antivirus Security

Aplikasi yang sejenis dengan ini adalah XP Antivirus, info
alamat website Antivirussecurity-solution. com

XP Protector 2009

yang juga merupakan clone dari Antivirus XP 2008

Total Secure 2009

Alamat website Totalsecure2009. com

AntiSpyware Pro XP

Aplikasi ini merupakan clone dari Antispyware 2008 XP

Antivirus Lab 2009

Aplikasi yang sejenis dengan ini adalah Antispycheck. Beralamat di Viruslabs2009. com


Cara yang palin senang untuk mengimbas dan mambuang antivirus palsu atau malware ini ialah dengan menggunakan Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Sila download Malwarebyte's dibawah ini. Cara-cara menggunakannya anda boleh klik disini.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Download Link


Antivirus Terbaik 2008

Antivirus Terbaik 2008 Q1

Di kuarter pertama tahun 2008 ini, yang bekerjasama dengan AV-Test GmbH (Jerman) selesai mengadakan berbagai test membandingkan sekitar 28 Antivirus. Semua produk diambil dari versi terbaik yang diupdate pada tanggal 7 Januari 2008 dan ditest didalam sistem operasi Windows XP SP2 (English). Hal ini tentu saja merupakan Informasi dan test yang sangat bermanfaat sebagai referensi untuk memilih Antivirus.

Pengetesan-pengetesan itu adalah sebagai berikut :

  • Signature-based test
  • False-Positives-Test ( kesalahan mendeteksi virus )
  • Proactive detection
  • Reaction times
  • Rootkit detection (12 active samples)

Test ini untuk mengetahui akurasi Antivirus mendeteksi berbagai jenis virus yang ada. Pengetesan digunakan sample berbagai virus, trojan horses, backdoors, bots dan worm yang berjumlah lebih dari 1 juta (1.024.381 sample). Semuanya merupakan mallware yang menyebar selama 6 bulan terakhir. Pengetesan dilakukan dengan memberikan rating “very good” (++) terhadap Antivirus yang mampu mendeteksi lebih dari 98% mallware tersebut.

Pengetesan kedua dilakukan untuk mengetahui prosentase kesalahan mendeteksi file yang bersih. Untuk ini digunakan 65.000 clean files, dan hasilnya memberikan predikat “very good” (++) jika antivirus tidak mendeteksi kesalahan.

Proactive detection untuk mengetahui seberapa aktif Antivirus mampu mendeteksi virus-virus baru atau kemampuan mendeteksi ketika database virus belum diupdate ( misalnya belum diupdate selama satu mingggu ), selain itu juga kemampuan mendeteksi terhadap virus yang senantiasa merubah diri. Reaction times merupakan test untuk mengetahui seberapa cepat perusahaan Antivirus menanggapi menyebarnya virus baru, berdasarkan 55 sample di tahun 2007. Jika reaksi yang diberikan kurang dari 2 jam akan diberikan predikat “very Good” (++). Test terakhir untuk mendeteski keberadaan Rootkit, dengan menggunakan 12 sample.

Bagaimana Hasilnya ?
Berikut hasil dari masing-masing test tersebut :

Signature-based Detection :

Kemampuan mendeteksi dari 1.024.381 sample virus.

Nama AntiVirus Terdeteksi Prosentase
WebWasher (gateway product only) 1023742 99,9%
AVK 2008 1022418 99,8%
AntiVir 1020627 99,6%
Avast! 1018204 99,4%
Trend Micro 1009662 98,6%
Symantec 1006849 98,3%
AVG 1005006 98,1%
BitDefender 1003902 98,0%
Kaspersky 1003470 98,0%
Ikarus 1002894 97,9%
Sophos 1001655 97,8%
F-Secure 999806 97,6%
Microsoft 992880 96,9%
F-Prot 986961 96,3%
Panda 979409 95,6%
Rising 962674 94,0%
Norman 962191 93,9%
McAfee 959919 93,7%
Fortinet 957558 93,5%
Nod32 953936 93,1%
Dr Web 887736 86,7%
VBA32 885313 86,4%
QuickHeal 862919 84,2%
ClamAV 791505 77,3%
Command 729233 71,2%
VirusBuster 693944 67,7%
K7 Computing 571329 55,8%
eTrust-VET 566161 55,3%

False-Positives (FP) Test

Very Good
(0 FP)
(1 FP)
(2 FP)
(3 FP)
Very poor
( > 3)
Trend Micro
AVK 2008
Dr WebK
7 Computing

Proactive Detection :

Very Good Good Satisfactory Poorly Very poor
AVK 2008
Dr Web
Trend Micro


Reaction Times:

Very Good
( 2-4 hours)
( 4- 6 hours)
(6-8 hours)
Very poor
( > 6 hours)
AVK 2008
Trend Micro
Dr Web
K7 Computing

Rootkit Detection

Very Good
(all detected )
( 1 not detected)
( 2 not detected)
(3 not detected)
Very poor
( > 3 not detected)
Trend Micro
Dr Web
AVK 2008
K7 Computing


Berdasarkan test-test diatas memang tidak ada antivirus yang paling unggul disemua tahap pengetesan. Tetapi paling tidak bisa diambil beberapa antivirus yang cukup bagus dari kesemua test. Beberapa test mungkin tidak terlalu penting untuk diperhitungkan, seperti reaction times. Waktu reaksi 6-8 jam pun bisa dikatakan cukup bagus bagi kita. Selain itu Rootkit detection juga bukan hal yang begtu penting, mengingat saat ini masih sangat jarang jenis rootkit ini. Jadi kesimpulan disini hanya menilai dari tiga test sebelumnya. Dan ini pun mungkin sangat subyektif. Berikut Urutan Virus terbaik versi ebsoft berdasar test-test (3 test pertama) diatas :

  1. AntiVir. Hampir disemua test mempunyai hasil yang sangat bagus. Ditambah lagi Antivir menyediakan versi Gratis, walaupun tidak semua fasilitas disediakan. Memang kadang masih salah mendeteksi beberapa file yang bersih sebagai virus. Antivir Web site
  2. AVK 2008. Antivirus ini mungkin jarang kita dengar di negeri kita, tetapi berdasarkan test diatas, menduduki peringkat tertinggi dalam mendeteksi virus. Tetapi hal ini harus dibayar dengan kesalahan mendeteksi yang dihasilkan. Selain itu AVK merupakan antivirus berbayar, belum ada versi gratisnya. Selengkapnya bisa dilihat disini GData Secutiry Labs
  3. Avast. Hasil mendeteksi virus cukup bagus. Selain itu Avast juga juga menyediakan versi gratis, yang bisa di download langsung dari websitenya. Selengkapnya disini
  4. Trend Micro. Selengkapnya disini Trend Micro
  5. Symantec. Selengkapnya buka Symantec web site
  6. AVG. Versi gratis bisa download di
  7. BitDefender. Selengkapnya tentang BitDefender disini
  8. Kaspersky. Selengkapnya