Reset Ink Tank Full Error for Canon IP1700

Canon PIXMA iP1700 Photo Inkjet Printer

The Canon PIXMA iP1700 Photo Inkjet Printer is an extremely user-friendly, efficient printer designed to meet all your printing needs in one compact, stylish unit. Need a hardcopy of directions to a friend's house? How about printing out photos taken over the weekend? Whatever your needs, the single function iP1700 gives you more choices, extra features and a better value. In addition, this printer features a unique cutting edge design that is very much in line with today's tastes and styles. No other entry level printer performs as quickly and efficiently while looking so good on your desktop.

The Pixma iP1700 held its own. It printed our ten-page text file at 8.6 pages per minute--slower than the like-priced Lexmark Z845, but faster than many more-expensive models. High-resolution glossy photos printed at a snappy 1.3 ppm.

Procedure to Reset Ink Tank Full Error for Canon IP1700
First Step (Hardware Reset)

1. Turn Off the printer, and then take off the cable power.

2. Push and hold the power button (use your fore finger to hold the power button).

3. Connect again the power cable.

4. Use your middle finger to push the resume button 2 times.

5. Release the power button.

6. Finish. you have finised the first step to reset Ink Tank Full Error (Blink Error).

Second Step (Software Reset by GeneralTool) for Permanent

1. Download IP1700 Resetter from here

2. Unzip in folder C:\

3. Make sure all files attribute have not Read Only.

4. Run GeneralTool.exe

5. At USB Port choose your printer port.

6. Click Lock Release


8. Put in blank paper for printing. And then click Test Pattern 1 button

9. It's All Done. Your Printer IP1700 back normal again.