The easy way to download video from Youtube

What we need is :

Real Player Version 11.0 - to download the video
Total Video Converter - to convert *.flv file to *.avi or *.mpg

1. Install Real player. If u don't hav it, u can click here to download it.
2. After you have install the realplayer 11, restart ur pc.
3. Open Youtube and open the video that u want to download. Move ur mouse over the video and it will open the real player download button " Download This Video". Click it to download.4. After finish download the movie, u can convert it to *.avi file using Total Video Converter.
5. Click here to download Total Video Converter.
6. I suggest u convert the movie to *.avi first and then convert *.avi to *.mpg
7. How to use Total Video Converter? Watch the video below...

Total Video Converter Registration Code

How to use Total video converter