Lagi antivirus palsu - XP AntiSpyware /XP AntiVirus Scam

Last week there was a comment spam on various blogs, the comment contains a link which redirects the user to a fake/scare scan page of the infamous XP AntiSpyware /XP AntiVirus

rogue security applications.

The WinSoftware, Inc aka LocusSoftware Inc aka Innovative Marketing is behind this scam. They are using many sites to redirect the users to their fake/scare scan pages.

Screenshot of fake/scare scan pages Screenshot of fake/scare scan pages

Screenshot of XPAntivirus Application

The gang is quick in changing their active scam site, over a period of 15 days they have created many sites and here is the list of sites

9. ==> Fake clean-up software.

I am sure that the list will keep growing. Below are the set of sites that are also involved in the scams.

The site works as a repository for the rogue installers while the site is used for payment processing.

The scammers also avails a user to sign up for an upgrade to “File Shredder, which is again a crapware they are exploiting Lavasoft’s application name “File Shredder”.

Screenshot of site

There is another site which is silent for more that 15 days without any links to installer files. This site also belongs to the same scammer gang.
Screenshot of site
Stay away from these sites.

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