Install Windows Xp on Dell Inspiron 1420

A simple step how to install Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1420:

There’s two ways step you have to follow to install Windows Xp.

a. First, you have to create a Windows Xp Disk that completed with SATA Drivers.
- Download nLite from
- Insert your windows XP and Start your nLite programs.
- Set Languages and click “Next” Button
- Locate your Windows XP CD-Drive, NLiteOS will asks you to save the file into your computer. It will be much better if you create a new folder for saving your file.
- Click Next Button
- You have to download the latest SATA Drivers for dell Inspiron 1420 Notebooks. You may download SATA driver from official Dell Support here.
- extract SATA Driver into your computer
- Back to nLite installation, click Next button to “Integrate”, select “Drivers”, Next to “Create” Button and you have to choose “Bootable ISO” and click the next button.
- Ok, You have to click “Insert” and choose “Multiple Driver Folder”. You have to locate SATA Driver that you have just downloadedChoose “OK” and you should choose “Textmode driver” and please highlight line: “SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M)”. Click Ok and Next Button.
-You may get some pop-up that warn “Apply changes?” Choose “Yes”. You may click Next Button. Insert a blank CD, and select “Direct Burn”you may label the CD and choose burn speed. Click Burn and Yes Button.
- Click Next button and You have finished the first step of Install Windows Xp on Dell Inspiron 1420 Notebooks.

Below some driver required for downgrading your OS in Dell Inspiron 1420. Download all of drivers below and install to your computer.

a. Intel Mobile Chipset
b. Ricoh Inspiron 1420 Driver
c. Broadcom Ethernet LAn Card Driver
d. Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Driver
e. Bluetooth Driver
f. Inspiron 1420 Video Graphics: NVidia 8400GS Driver
g. Touchpad Inspiron Driver
h. Inspiron 1420 Webcam Driver
i. Audio Sound: Sigmatel Driver

Restart computer, you may found some problem occur, Go to Device Manager and you’ll get error such as some PCI hardware not work. Right click and uninstall it. Scan it for hardware changes and your audio and modem driver will be detected. You may still find error that the sound still not work, This is the tricks “YOU ONLY JUST REINSTALL SIGMATEL” Driver.

Download Modem Driver for Inspiron 1420 Notebooks.

Note: Your Sound Driver may not work when you’re using dial-up connection.