Acer Aspire 4920,4920G,4920Z Windows XP Driver

Link 1 (China) :
ATI graphics card driver (8.474) (Download)
Bison Camera driver (Download)
Chicony Camera Driver (Download)
Launch Manager (Download)
Agere Modem Driver (Download)
Modem Conexant Driver (Download)
SATA AHCI driver (Download)
Touchpad Driver (Download)
Card Reader Driver (Download)
Bluetooth Driver (Download)
Webcam Suyin Application (Download)
Sound/Audio Driver (Download)
LAN Driver (Download)
Wireless Intel Driver (Download)
VGA Intel Driver (Download)
Motherboard/Chipset Driver (Download)

Link 2 (Taiwan) :
Intel 4965 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Lan Driver (Download)
Agere Modem Driver (Download
O2 Card Reader driver (Download)
Intel AHCI Driver (Download)
Realtek Azalia Audio Driver (Download)
Broadcom LAN Driver (Download)
Intel 965 Chipset Driver (Download)
BlueTooth Utility (Download)
Suyin Crystal Eye Webcam Application (Download)
Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver (Download)
Synaptics Media Key/TouchPad Driver (Download)
Intel 3945 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Lan Driver (Download)
Launch Manager (Download)
Conexant Modem Driver (Download)
ATI Mobility VGA driver (Download)

Acer Aspire 4920,4920G,4920Z Windows Vista x64 Driver :

AHCI_v7.5.0.1017_Vistax64 (Download)
Audio_v (Download)
Bluetooth_Broadcom_V6.0.1.3900_Vistax64 (Download)
Camera_Bison_AP_v2.0.0.9_Vistax32x64 (Download)
Camera_Bison_v7.96.701.07a_Vistax32x64 (Download)
Camera_Suyin_AP_v1.0.11_Vistax32x64 (Download)
Camera_Suyin_Driver_v5.7.28.500-1.0 (Download)
CardR_O2_v3.09_Vista_XP (Download)
Chipset_Intel965_v8.2.0.1012_Vista_XP (Download)
LAN_BCM5787M_v10.26.0.0_Vistax32x64 (Download)
LaunchManager_Dritek_v2.0.04_Vistax32x64 (Download)
Modem_Agere_v2.1.77.9_Vistax64 (Download)
Modem_Foxconn_V7.62.00_Vistax64 (Download)
Touch Pad_Synaptics_v9.2.3.1_Vistax64 (Download)
VGA_ATI_MxM_v8.391_Vista (Download)
WLAN_Intel4965_Intel_3945_v11.1.1.11_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64 (Download)

Acer Aspire 4920,4920G,4920Z Windows Vista Driver :

AHCI_Intel_v7.5.0.1017_Vistax32 (Download)
Audio_Realtek_v6.0.1.5532_Vistax32 (Download)
BlueTooth_v6.0.1.3900_Vistax32 (Download)
Camera_Chicony_AP_v1.1.022.0425_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64 (Download
Camera_Chicony_Driver_v5.7.28.400_Vistax32x64 (Download)
Card Reader_v3.09_Vistax32x64 (Download)
Chipset_Intel_v8.2.0.1012_Vistax32 (Download)
LAN_Broadcom_v10.9.0.0_Vistax32 (Download)
LaunMgr_2.0.11_Vistax32 (Download) (Download)
Modem_Conexant_v7.62.0.0_VistaX32 (Download)
Touchpad_Synaptics_v10.0.15_Vistax32 (Download)
VGA_ATi_v8.401_Vistax32 (Download)
VGA_Intel_v7.14.10.1244_Vistax32 (Downlaod)
WLAN_Intel_v11.1.1.2_Vistax32 (Download)
Webcam_BIson_Apps_v2.0.0.9_Vistax32 (Download)
Webcam_BIson_Drivers-_7.32.701.12_Vistax32 (Download)
Webcam_Suyin_Apps_v1.0.11_Vistax32 (Download)
Webcam_Suyin_Driver_5.7.28.500-1.0_Vista (Download)
Webcam_Suyin_Drivers_v5.7.28.500-1.0_WHQL_Vistax32 (Download)

Acer Aspire 4920,4920G,4920Z Windows Vista SP1 Driver :

Please ensure that VISTA SP1 is installed on your system prior to installing these drivers!
Driver incompatibilities on a system without VISTA SP1 might affect usability. television

965PMChipset_ Intel_v8.7.0.1005_Vistax32 (Download)
Acer Crystal Eye AP_SuYin_v2.0.4_Vistax32 (Download)
Acer OrbiCam AP_Bison_ v2.0.0.14_Vistax32 (Download)
Audio_Realtek_v6.0.1.5543_Vistax32 (Download)
BCM5787M Lan Driver_Broadcom_v10.46.0.0_Vistax32 (Download)
Bluetooth_Foxconn Broadcom_v6.1.0.2000_Vistax32 (Download)
Card Reader Driver_O2_v3.09_Vistax32 (Download)
Modem Driver_Foxconn_v7.62.0.0_Vistax32 (Download)
TouchPadDriver_Synaptics_v10.0.15.0_Vistax32 (Download)
VGA driver_ATIM66M74_v8.422_Vistax32 (Download)
VGA driver_Intel_v7.14.10.1318_Vistax32 (Download)
WLAN driver_Intel4965&3945_Vitax32 (Download)
WebCam Driver_Bison_v7.96.701.12a_Vistax32 (Download)
WebCam Driver_SuYin_v5.8.32.500_Vistax32 (Download)
WebCam Driver_SuYin_v5.8.32.500_Vistax32 (Download)


Acer Empowering Technology for Acer Aspire 4920 Windows Vista

Acer eRecovery



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