Activate Windows 7 Pre Beta 6801 without Crack or Product Key

15 Windows 7 Activation Keys Which you can use to activating your Windows 7


Windows 7 announced at recent Microsoft PDC 2008 event, with the announcement and screenshots of windows 7 users are becoming impatient to try and test windows 7. Thought windows 7 is not available for downloaded for normal users but leaked version of windows 7 Pre beta torrents are spreading very fast.

You may download windows 7 Pre Beta 6801 but you will need to activate windows 7 to actually enjoy unrestricted features of windows 7. As said earlier for normal users it’s impossible to get activation key or Product Keys for windows 7 and there are no cracks for windows 7 activation is available yet.

You can complete installation of windows 7 by leaving product key filed blank and enjoy Windows 7 Pre Beta 6801 for 30 days maximum before it gets expiry. The only way to activate windows 7 Pre Beta is by using product key for Windows Vista beta or RC edition.

Microsoft gave out free beta product key of windows vista RC 1 and RC 2 to the user who has participated Windows Vista Customer Preview Program. The product Key was arrived in the email from that titled with subject of “Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Order Confirmation and Product Key”, “Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 Product Key” that looked similar to this:

Please keep this e-mail for your records.

Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Windows Vista RC1. Your Product Key is included at the bottom of this message. You may install RC1 on up to 10 PCs using the same Product Key.

To help answer questions you may have related to installation and use, we have created newsgroups for Windows Vista RC1. To join or read postings in these newsgroups please visit

For the latest information on Windows Vista, please visit

Thank You,

Product Key:

To activate Windows 7 online, just enter the product key in Control Panel -> System and Security - System Properties by clicking on Activate Windows now or Change product key link.

Please keep in mind that even after successful activation of windows 7 Pre Beta it will still expiry on August 1, 2009.