How to install Windows XP on Compaq Presario F700 Laptop.

Actually, when you’ve installed Window XP in Compaq Presario F700, you may should configure some drivers that makes this laptop can works properly. You have to download all of Presario F700 below and setting up drivers:

a. NVIDIA chipset XP drivers
b. For getting touchpad and wireless Presario F700 Drivers you have to run Windows Updates.
c. Installing Modem and Audio Drivers for Compaq Presario F700 (Microsoft UAA)
d. Video Drivers Presario F700 for Windows XP
e. Quick Launch Buttons Comapq Notebooks.

For F700 Audio Sound Drivers you may follow this simple instruction for fixing sound error on F700 Laptop:
After Installing Microsoft UAA High Definition Audio you should reboot and then install Conenxant Audio Drivers.

If your Compaq Presario model is Presario F732AU, and your LAN doesnt work you may install LAN Driver for F732 (Only work for Windows Vista environment).

U might wanna try these if others fail, for winxp only…